The Racing Pigeon

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The homing pigeon has been bred from the Rock Dove, a pigeon that has the ability to return to its own nest. The racing pigeon can find its way home from long distances. The average flying speed is about 95 km per hour, depending on the weather conditions and the direction of the wind. Homing pigeons are called carrier pigeons when they were used to carry messages, especially at wartime.

The racing pigeon can find its way back home using some sort of compass. Some researchers say they use the earth’s magnetic field. Experiments have been performed, but all these theories are still debatable. When pigeons are nearing their home, they probably use landmarks and major roads.

They were used extensively during World War I and World War II, and many were rewarded for their achievements. They were used in postal service too. The use of pigeons to carry messages is commonly called Pigeon post.